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Our Mission

To encourage others in the community, nation, and world to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord; to regularly meet together to worship, honor and praise God; to help Christians grow in their faith and Christ-likeness; to minister unselfishly to people in need, and to strive to become a Christian Family of unconditional love.

Let us all become missionaries and commit ourselves to carrying out the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus !

Soli Deo Gloria!
Reverand Paul Chaya


WBC Policy Regarding Political Literature

Windsor Baptist Church Policy Regarding Political Literature Background Information Recently, our Elder Board was asked to review and evaluate some literature related to the forthcoming elections.  Most of our Church members are aware that Churches and other non-profit organizations are strictly prohibited from engaging in political campaigning of any kind.  This prohibition stems from the more »

Volunteer Mandated Reporting for WBC

Volunteers & Mandated Reporting at Windsor Baptist Church You have probably heard about the new laws in Pennsylvania for people who work or volunteer with children. This document is intended to explain to you what these new laws are and how they effect you. Please note: these things are not because of any recent problems more »

Our Worship Times

Sunday School (all ages) 9-9:45 AM
Sunday Worship Service 10 AM
Youth Group 5:45 PM
Sunday Worship Service 6 PM

Wednesday Prayer Meeting 7 PM