September 2020 Update

Current Project Status

By phasing construction of the administrative offices, our Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) was reduced by $90,000. This is a huge praise!

On September 10th, the Township Planning Commission recommended our Final Land Development plan to the supervisors which includes the Park
Road trail extension to the intersection of Little Conestoga and Park Roads. Then during the September 21st Supervisors meeting, we requested to defer the trail extension until after the building project is completed for reasons of cost management and minimizing land disturbance. As a condition of the deferral, we will establish a letter of credit to assure trail installation is completed within 5 years.
The Supervisor’s decision was paused until we define an accurate value for the letter of credit. We expect this value will be defined prior to the next regular Supervisors meeting.

We continue to meet with lenders and provide information to them. Our primary lending candidates are S&T Bank (formerly DNB) and Citadel. Both are interested in our mortgage, and preparing mortgage terms.

Finally, the playground is moving to prepare for site work and construction. The fence is being moved to its new permanent location. The existing swings, balance beam, play school bus, and horizontal ladder are incorporated into the new playground plan, which also calls for new equipment to be installed as finances allow.

What’s Ahead in October

  • The revised plan for project completion will be presented for congregational approval during
    the October 7th annual business meeting.
  • Final Land Development Plans, including trail extension deferral, will be presented for Township
    Supervisor approval. If approved, land development escrow will be established, and site work permits applied for.
  • Completion of the playground fence relocation as well as preparing to move the selected existing
    playground equipment.

Download the PDF of the September 2020 Newsletter