September 2019 Update

Current Project Status

The Lord answered a big prayer for us this month! The conditional use hearing with the Township was held on August 13th and on Monday, September 16th, we received the township supervisor’s approval. This is a huge praise!

This approval allows Windsor to move forward with the Planning Commission and Supervisors to finalize the Land Development Plan. As this Land Development Process draws nearer to a close, we can move on to developing building plans.

On September 6th, the Building Committee held a Design Kickoff with Horst and the design team where we reviewed the current building plans
and discussed different construction options. Over the next few months, we will work with Horst to select the appropriate mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural designers who will develop the design drawings and associated budgets.

We anticipate finalizing these drawings and budgets by early next year so we can submit these building plans for code review and comments. Once any comments are resolved, we can apply for the building permit.

What’s Ahead in October

We are scheduled to meet with the Planning Commission on October 10th to request recommendation for preliminary approval with the expectation of requesting official approval at the Supervisors meeting on October 21st.

After receiving preliminary approval, we will work with the Planning Commission to finalize any remaining comments. Our expectation is that the Final Land Development Plan will be approved later this year or early next year.

Download the PDF of the September 2019 Newsletter