October 2019 Update

Current Project Status

The Township Planning Commission recommended our preliminary land development plan to the Supervisors, including all the waivers we requested!

Horst has selected mechanical, electrical, plumbing and sprinkler design professionals and are currently working on the design of those systems.

Per our conditional use decision, we discussed the building design with the Historical Commission. The Commission gave us a fair and helpful review, and we will incorporate their insights into our design. We will also discuss the design with the Planning Commission before the Supervisors give the final approval.

We began to define the requirements of the telephone and network in the new addition. The new phone installation will require the existing phone system to be upgraded. Fortunately, the network can be done in the new construction without affecting the existing church network.
We presented the project status, floor plans, and renderings to the Academy staff. It was well-received and served as an opportunity to solicit teacher input.

We continue to work with the Financial Advisory Committee to identify lenders and present our business to them. Jeff Knauer, our stewardship consultant, helped us organize our project in a favorable way. Jeff commented that our financial situation should be well-received by potential lenders.

What’s Ahead in November

We’re on the November 18th Township Supervisors agenda for their approval vote. If they approve our land development plan, we will go on hold with the township until our building designs are finalized.

We plan to meet with Horst and the firms they selected in November to optimize designs that will be used to develop construction drawings, methods, and associated budgets.

Download the PDF of the October 2019 Newsletter