October 2018 Update

Current Project Status

October has been a month of planning and preparation. The Building Committee’s Technical team met with the Civil Engineer where much was accomplished: we completed the site survey, figured out the site elevations and grades, and also developed a traffic and parking plan for the new building. We determined the locations of the preschool and academy playgrounds. Our architect Cornerstone updated the rendering videos and the general arrangement and elevations based on the decisions that came out of the Civil Engineer meeting. And finally, we developed a General Contractor Prequalification form which will help us to select a contractor for our project.

We are increasingly involving the congregation to help with the building project. As the project moves forward and specific needs and tasks arise, we will be asking people to help in more specific ways. For example, a small team has been formed to do fundraising =research. We continue to plead for full participation in prayer.

What’s Ahead in November

  • Qualify General Contractors for Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Discuss Land Development Waiver with Township
  • Discuss Building Permit with Township
  • Review Utility Metering (water, sewer)
  • Develop RFP

Download the PDF of the October 2018 Newsletter