November 2019 Update

Current Project Status

God continues to answer prayers and open doors. This month, the township supervisors approved our preliminary land development plan with almost all requested waivers. The lone waiver they did not approve was our request to not install additional sidewalks. They are okay with not putting a walk along Little Conestoga; however, they want us to extend the Park Road sidewalk all the way to the corner of Park and Little Conestoga. We have to look at the best way to honor this decision.

We will now go on hold with the township until our building design is finalized. (i.e. when we have the GMP estimate), at which point we will submit our final land development plan for approval, along with the building plans for code review. The final plans should mostly be procedural and address only changes between the preliminary and final plans.

We also met with Horst and the selected structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and sprinkler design professionals to review design
inputs and optimize designs that will be used to develop construction drawings, methods and associated budgets.

What’s Ahead in December

  • Design inputs will be solicited from the appropriate committees and personnel to finalize them by the new year.
  • Decisions will have to be made including security, kitchen, and landscaping so the contractors can deliver our initial estimate on schedule by mid-January.

Download the PDF of the November 2019 Newsletter