May 2020 Update

Current Project Status

Because of the current restrictions due to COVID-19, not much has progressed in May. As our county moves to the yellow phase, we anticipate movement again in the month of June with our building project.

What’s Ahead in June

On Friday, June 5, Horst will present the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) to some members of the Building Committee. All components, including the subcontractors quotes, will be reviewed at this time. The GMP value is what Horst determines they will not exceed in terms of construction cost assuming we hold to our design.

There are certainly ways to build for less than the GMP such as using donated materials or making design changes that eliminate work. Two of our church members established relationships with businesses (84 Lumber, and Viwinco Windows) that might donate materials (or offer them at cost, or something similar). Those businesses have been connected with Horst. If their offers result in a cost savings compared to Horst’s usual suppliers, we realize a savings against the GMP. This is a way for more people to help the project! We are open to business donations (not personal) of materials and labor. All donations would be handled through Horst so that the project is well-managed.

Once we have the GMP set, we will add in the other costs associated with the building project (permits, fees, furnishings, security/internet/phone/audio/visual devices and installation, architect, interior designer, civil engineering, marketing, etc.) and come up with the “grand total” cost to build. Some of these components have already been spent, but will still be included in the grand total, which will become the new working budget for the building project.

If the grand total exceeds $3M, we will have exceeded our project scope, and will come back to the church (first the leaders, then the congregation) to present the new scope for review and approval.

Download the PDF of the May 2020 Newsletter