June 2020 Update

Current Project Status

On Friday, June 5, Horst presented the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) to some members of the Building Committee. The GMP value is what Horst determines they will not exceed in terms of construction cost assuming that we hold to our design. The GMP is based on the 90% completed drawing package. You can view the renderings and images for the 90% completed drawing package by visiting the Building Committee website at www.windsor-baptist.org/growth/.

The building committee took this GMP and added in the other costs associated with the building project (permits, fees, furnishings, security/internet/phone/audio/visual devices and installation, architect, interior designer, civil engineering, marketing, etc.) to figure out the “grand total” cost to build. Some of these components have already been spent, but will still be included in the grand total, so that we have a more accurate picture of what will become the new working budget for our building project.

This newly calculated total budget for this project along with the detailed scope will be shared with Windsor congregation at the July 23rd meeting.

What’s Ahead in July

  • July 23: Congregational meeting where the project budget and detail scope will be shared for approval
  • Mid-July: a small group of Academy parents will meet with Tim Glass and Pastor Ben to discuss logistics of the Academy building presentation

Download the PDF of the June 2020 Newsletter