January 2020 Update

Current Project Status

Praise the Lord that we received approvals from both the Township Planning and Historical Commissions on our building exterior and facades! Now we only need to obtain Final Land Development Plan and Building Code Review/Approvals in the next few months before we can break ground!

January kept us busy as we met with Horst to review the 60% drawing package. These drawings were updated and sent to qualified contractors for pricing to develop the initial construction estimate, that we should receive in February. Once we see this estimate, we’ll have to decide how to adjust our expectations for the building so that it will stay within our budget.

We also received the Geotech and Environmental estimates to conduct soil borings, testing, and to develop the Investigative Report. This information will also be used to develop the Phase 1 Environmental Assessment Report.

We’ve identified and are communicating with multiple mortgage lenders for our loan. To date we have received several preliminary loan commitments.

Thank you to all of the shoe drive participants from our church, Academy, and Preschool. This collection of over 2,800 pairs of used shoes raised $1,109.60 towards the building fund! The shoes will be distributed to impoverished countries where local entrepreneurs can earn a living selling them in their villages. Thank you Amanda Sebra for organizing the event and bagging all those shoes!

What’s Ahead in February

We will continue to work on the Park Road sidewalk issue with the township engineer as part of the Final Land Development Plan. It appears we won’t get any leniency unless we can prove the cost of the sidewalk is unusually excessive.

In collaboration with design experts and relevant church/school participants, we will continue to make decisions including interior finishes, and kitchen, landscape, and audio visual designs.

Plans for a groundbreaking ceremony are in the works! Be on the lookout for more details soon.

Download the PDF of the January 2020 Newsletter