February 2020 Update

Current Project Status

We are thrilled to announce that Bruce Eberwein has joined the building committee! Bruce will lead the prayer campaign as it relates to the building project. Our goal is to include the congregation, schools, and community in this prayer effort for the duration of the project.

During this past month, soil borings were performed to develop the Geotech Report. The borings revealed no surprises which is a blessing!

Construction costs have sharply increased since we began this project due to a steadily growing economy and a shortage of tradespersons. We learned that the “all-in” initial estimate for our project is $5.6M, which includes $4.3M for the building, $700K for site work, and another $500-600K for professionals, permits, fees, furnishings, etc. Based on this estimate, we realize that we need to simplify the building design to achieve our scope and build within our financial limits. Upon hearing this estimate, we have already discussed several items with the architect and contractor that should provide significant cost savings. We will also confirm the selection of finishes and appearances.

What’s Ahead in March

In March, we expect the Phase 1 Environmental Assessment to be initiated, which is also required by the financial lending institutions. We also anticipate presenting the congregation with updated drawings and renderings that reflect the recommended changes to reduce the initial “all-in” estimate to one that’s more in line with our budget. We hope to resolve the Park Road sidewalk issue this month as well.

On Saturday, March 8th from 7AM to 5PM, we will be hosting a special time of prayer. Please come and pray with us for the needs of this project, our church, and our schools.

Download the PDF of the February 2020 Newsletter