April 2021 Update

For this newsletter, would you please join us in prayer for the following items as we are approaching groundbreaking at any moment:

Prayer Requests to Begin Site Work

  • That escrow will complete quickly with good bank and township cooperation.
  • That the escrow agreement will be approved quickly. Escrow is a necessary precursor to beginning site work, and we have experienced some problems establishing the escrow.
  • For Planning Commission and Supervisors to quickly sign the land development drawings so they can be recorded.
  • Site materials will arrive on schedule and excavator will still be available to begin the work as soon as drawings are submitted.
  • For everything to be provided for a God-honoring and community-welcoming groundbreaking ceremony (date to be established as soon as drawings are recorded.)
  • For safety, good weather, and easy digging.

Prayer Requests to Begin Construction

  • Final GMP expected within two weeks setting the firm cost to build the building. Pray that costs haven’t gone up since September.
  • For God will continue to bless with funds and resources in advance of our needs. HUGE PRAISES for the generous giving of the membership, and the growing participation from outside the membership. For six months, giving has exceeded monthly targets!
  • For mortgage negotiation to proceed to a favorable conclusion as soon as we get the GMP.
  • For mortgage underwriting process to proceed quickly and smoothly.
  • For building construction timing to work well with school year.

Download the PDF of the April 2021 Newsletter